The location based startup PinMeTo, that offers B2B solution for getting location based data, has announced an investment by seriel-entrepreneur Lars Wingefors. The investment is said to be around € 160 000.

PinMeTo has so far been bootstrapped, having had a clear revenue stream since the start. The investment will give besides money some interesting connections: Lars Wingefors has previously started or acquired a large number of other companies, both tech as well as traditional business. This is however his first investment in a Malmö-based startup.

“We are looking at other companies in the region as well, but we have no further plans in the upcoming weeks.” said Lars to Sydsvenskan

PinMeTo was recently representing Sweden at the Nordic Startup Conferences Battle of the Vikings, where CEO Daniel Melkersson presented the startup on stage.

Currently the service is mostly collecting and presenting data, but that will soon change:

“We are currently working with web-services and presenting their data in a good way. The next phase will be to add an analytical layer, making it possible to see how visitors interact with places as well as comparing different locations.” said Daniel.

With costumers being both regional organisations as well big brands in the retail or service industry, the outlook for PinMeTo is good.