Last summer Mindpark invited 50 entrepreneurs to be a part of an unconference on the beautiful and exotic island Ven. They wanted to give the startup community in Øresund an extraordinary event and a summer camp with entrepreneurial minds from the community and beyond. Ven is not that far away (there is still Wi-Fi) but still gives you a feeling of vacation mode.

And guess what? It’s happening again

The idea is simple – a group of inspiring, entrepreneurial souls come together during the 19th – 21th August to hold an unconference, hang out and network. The aim is to build interesting, fulfilling personal and professional relationships.
A weekend surrounded by like-minded, driven and creative individuals in a relaxed, stimulating environment!
The event will during the days be mainly an unconference, where all the participators set the agenda. There will be a grid where anyone can claim a spot, with parallel session at different “rooms” (if good weather most will be outdoors). Any can hold any session, and it can be about anything, and in any form – be it a talk, a discussion or maybe just a question you want others opinion about.

Friday 19th
14.15 Departure with the ferry from Landskrona to Ven
14.45 Welcome & fika
16.00 Unconference warm-up session and mental check-in
18:00 Guided entrepreneurial tour around the island
19:30 Dinner at xx in the middle of Ven

Saturday 20th
7:30 – 9:00 Breakfast
09:30 Unconference session 1
11:00 Unconference session 2
12.30 Lunch
13:30 Unconference session 3
15:00 Unconference session 4
16:30 Individual exploration of Ven by foot / bike. Good for stoping by at the distillery or Tycho Brahe memorial site.
20:00 Traditional Swedish ‘kräftskiva’ in a barn! There will be dinner and festivities.

Sunday 21th
10:00 Brunch
11:30 Unconference session 5
13:00 Wrap-up session and mental check-out
15:00 Departure with the ferry to Landskrona

If you have questions, please contact Alexandra Hvalgren,

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