Startup Weekend is an international entrepreneurs event, which will be held for the first time in Christiansborg 4-6 October 2013. In addition to entrepreneurs, politicians, opinion leaders, public servants, students and citizens are invited.

The vision is to inspire Denmark to cooperate across walks of life, professions and experience so that together we can create tomorrow’s innovative and dynamic society. The goal is to develop 15 innovative ideas for Denmark in 54 hours. The sharpest, most innovative ideas are rewarded and receive subsequent support of mentors and business advisors to realize their products, services and businesses.

The idea

Startup Weekend Borgen began as a simple idea, but the idea quickly got wings when it was posted as a visionary blog posts along with a call to support and within three days there were more than 50 responses from people who wanted to be involved in the project – either as a participants or as a volunteers. The volunteers who are all passionate about entrepreneurship will run the event, and the team, since July, has grown from 3 to over 30 people.

Get involved

Registration is open to 100 entrepreneur participants, calling teams of the best minds, the best dexterity and sufficient innovative diversity, and of course, innovative ideas: Register here.

Do you have a brilliant idea? A solution to exactly what Denmark is missing here and now? Or do you have a challenge that you would like others to develop ideas on? There’s a chance to describe an idea or challenge, make suggestions to the ideas of others and start realizing all the innovative ideas. Submit Challenges & Ideas here.

The sharpest, most innovative ideas are rewarded and receive subsequent support of mentors and business advisors to realize their idea.

What happens?

During the 54 hours, take an idea to the finished product. On Friday, participants pitch ideas to each other, the best are chosen and teams formed around the idea. Each team will be comprised as much as possible so that the interests and skills of members complement each other.

Over the next two days working teams intensively to develop the idea, ready for presentation in front of a jury by Sunday afternoon. The jury will evaluate ideas, business potential, and the three teams with the most viable ideas will be awarded.

Mentors and Facilitators

A team of mentors in entrepreneurship, business, law, economics and innovative processes are available to help participants sparring throughout the weekend. The weekend will be guided by professional facilitators who kickstart the process on Friday and guide the teams as needed on Saturday and Sunday. The facilitators will be people who work professionally with innovative processes and have experience from previously held Startup Weekends.

Over the weekend politicians will visiting the various teams so they can get a sense of how to work, and then they can come up with questions and input to the creative process. Visits last 45 minutes, each team gets a visit once during the weekend


When the participants wake up Monday morning after SWBorgen is over, there is still help to get them on the road to realising their ideas. In collaboration with sponsors and partners, SWBorgen have made a range of options to match the projects’ individual needs – which will become known after the weekend.

The range of possibilities therefore include, one year mentoring programs, coaching on business development, springboards and jobs in inspiring office environments.

Get more practical info and the preliminary program here.

When: Friday 4 – Sunday 6 October:
Friday 10:00 – 23:00;
Saturday 08:00 – 23:00;
Sunday 08:00 – 22:00

Where: Communal Hall (Fællessalen), Christiansborg Slot 1, 1240 Copenhagen