The SUPERNOVAS programme, initiated by EIT Food, EIT Manufacturing, and EIT Urban Mobility, stands as a beacon of progress in the entrepreneurial and investment landscape. This ambitious initiative is specifically designed to diminish the gender disparity within these sectors by fostering an environment that encourages and supports the professional development of women in entrepreneurship and investment.

With startling statistics showing only 15% of tech startups founded or co-founded by women and a mere fraction of venture capital funding allocated to female-led teams, SUPERNOVAS aims to catalyze change and create a more inclusive ecosystem.

Programme Overview

The SUPERNOVAS programme is meticulously crafted to serve various segments within the entrepreneurial and investment community, focusing on attracting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) talent, supporting women investors, and creating a vibrant, value-driven community. Here’s a closer look at the offerings within the SUPERNOVAS initiative:

For Women Interested in Investing

Women Investment Network (WIN): A platform for female investors, including Venture Capitalists and Business Angels, to connect, learn, access investment opportunities in female-led startups, and expand their professional networks.

Data Room: A dedicated service within the WIN, providing a comprehensive platform that gathers and analyzes up-to-date data on female-led startups supported by EIT, catering to investors, journalists, and those keen on promoting female entrepreneurship.

Education Programmes

Women2Invest: Targeting recent STEAM graduates, this programme offers fundamental training in venture investment, aiming to facilitate entry into the industry through internships or full-time opportunities.

Venture Capital Academy: Offers specialized training for female venture capital professionals at both junior and senior levels, covering essential aspects of the investment process and career development.

Business Angel Academy: A training programme for new and experienced female business angels, covering crucial investment topics from deal flow analysis to exit strategies.

For Women Entrepreneurs

Rocket Up: Designed to aid top women-led technological startups in achieving successful international expansion within Europe, focusing on early-stage startups looking to scale their business into new EU markets.

Women Leadership Programme: A comprehensive support system for female entrepreneurs, offering training, networking events, business coaching, and mentoring opportunities to enhance both personal and professional skills.

Registration and Participation

The SUPERNOVAS programme not only provides a pathway for women to excel in the entrepreneurial and investment realms but also emphasizes the creation of a supportive community. By addressing the critical need for gender diversity and inclusion, SUPERNOVAS paves the way for a future where women’s contributions and leadership in these sectors are celebrated and normative.

For those interested in participating in any segment of the SUPERNOVAS programme, detailed information and registration links can be found on the respective project descriptions within the initiative’s announcement, or as an overview here: SUPERNOVAS website. This opportunity invites women across STEAM fields, investment backgrounds, and entrepreneurial ventures to become part of a movement towards equal representation and success in the business and tech landscapes.

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