A new initiative, Earthbound, is set to bridge the gap between academic research and market-ready climate tech solutions. Developed in collaboration with PreSeed Ventures, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), DTU Skylab, DTU Science Park, and DTU Entrepreneurship, Earthbound is designed to identify, fund, and nurture deep tech science innovations with climate relevance.

The program aims to inspire students, researchers, and entrepreneurs to prioritize climate change solutions in their academic and entrepreneurial endeavors. It will support scientists in the early commercialization of their inventions, providing grant applications, business-building assistance, and other forms of catalytic support. Additionally, Earthbound offers fellowships for proven entrepreneurs to lead the business maturation of climate-relevant deep tech inventions, with a focus on driving impact and market readiness.

“With Earthbound, we hope to nurture not just stellar scientists and proven entrepreneurs, who dedicate themselves to impact startups. We also wish to side with climate-relevant technology and stay loyal to its impact potential all the way to market.”

Simon Ulvund, General Partner of Earthbound

Earthbound has already commenced its work, with 17 cases in the vetting process, seven entrepreneurs matched with deep tech cases, and four active fellowships currently underway. The program’s close integration with the academic ecosystem at DTU provides a unique opportunity to identify deep tech inventions with the potential to stabilize the climate effectively.