Entrepreneurs from Silicon Vikings CPH and Copenhagen Lean Startup Circle have initiated a new project called CphQ as reported by Trendsonline. The goal of this endeavor is to explore the needs of startups in Copenhagen, create an effective working environment for them and build an epicenter of startup activities in the city.

Currently, there are many opportunities offered at the startup scene. However, they are fragmented and disconnected which makes it difficult to build relationships and create collaborations. The visionaries of the project want to fix that. They have an idea of creating a place that would be a hybrid between a creative office, an event center and a cafe environment where tech startup would also have an access to printers, internet and other basic functionalities.

“There are many offers for startups in Copenhagen, and it’s really good. We believe that there is a need to create a network between all these places and create a “common ground” where all tech startups and startup organizations are welcome,” says Michael Reibel Boesen, VP Operations in Silicon Vikings Copenhagen and one of the two driving forces behind the project.

“All great cities in the world which are known for their startups have epicenters. We do not think Copenhagen has managed to create one yet,” says Sebastian Schewemer, co-organizor of the Lean Startup Circle Copenhagen.

Before starting the project the initiators have launched an online survey in order to gather more information. You are welcome to fill in the questioner here.

More discussion about the project will be held on May 15th. Sign up for it here.
The team welcomes questions, ideas or suggestions at team@cphq.io