Copenhagen Lean Startup Circle, one of the largest tech meetups in Scandinavia, says good bye. Established with the purpose to create an open space for discussing lean startup principles, the cirlce has become an important building block of Danish startup ecosystem, contributing to its development. Over the past 3 years the initiative has grown from 8 enthusiasts that started it, to over 1700 members with regular meetups and some prominent guests such as Ash Maurya and Eric Ries himself.

But now it is the time to move on, according to a post by Andreas Cleve and Sebastian Felix Schwemer:

“The LeanCPH community is an amazing platform — and we think it’s the right time to develop this group further. To close this chapter and move to new frontiers. We do not know yet what this entails, we just know it’s something new.”

Numerous lectures, pitches, feedback sessions and other great events organized by Copenhagen Lean Startup Circle have probably become a starting point for many prominent startups in the region. And of course, the meetups have been an excellent netorking resource. The Circle will host its 3 final events in March, April and May, culminating with Fat Startup Farewell Party in June.