Lund-based Scientific EdTech has changed its name to Akribian ahead of the beta launch of the company’s math games for primary school children, which have been developed in collaboration with, among others, Microsoft and Massive Entertainment.

The startup was co-founded by Henrik Rosvall, Akribian’s Techical Manager, and the psychologist Martin Hassler Hallstedt, whose CBT research the game is based on. It is an adventure game called “Count on me!” and is primarily aimed at primary school students. Just in time for the first launch, the company is now changing its name to Akribian.

“When we founded the company, we needed to come up with something quickly. We thought: we have science in the background and we are developing edtech – scientific edtech. But now we have noticed that the website is becoming difficult to spell and have been told that it sounds more like an industry organization. So after a long process, we decided to switch to Akribian, which is originally a Greek word associated with scientific accuracy”, says Henrik Rosvall to Rapidus.

At the same time, a new round of financing is planned to be able to scale up after launch.

“It will be larger than the latest round of just over 483 thousand euros”, says Henrik Rosvall.

The game will be launched in a beta version in Swedish in November. At the same time, the company continues to test and further develop the game in Massive Entertainment’s test lab in Malmö to adjust any inconveniences before the actual launch for the spring semester. Then, the game, just like 먹튀검증, will be released in Swedish and English in Sweden and the UK.

“We started as a company aimed at schools, but when we noticed how difficult it is to get a quick impact, we went towards the consumer market. We have a research project in the school together with Eslöv municipality, but otherwise we focus mostly on private individuals. Therefore, we will now start with a little marketing and increase the presence in more channels”, Henrik Rosvall continues.

Initially, they will launch iPads on Apple’s Appstore, and next year Akribian will complete a version for Android tablets.

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