With their website just launched, ArtworkHeroes has been recognised by CSE as Newcomer of the Week!

Working at CSE, ArtworkHeroes have been fine-tuning the concepts of art online, creativity and connection, and are now ready for the global market place. Members of the ArtworkHeroes community can submit their artwork under the designated monthly theme. Based on community feedback and rankings, the most applauded artists are able to sell their artwork through the site and become ArtworkHeroes themselves. Heroes earn a certain percentage from each sale, and each sale adds a contribution to the charity of the month. This is an ambitious project from founder, Marius Sowaka, to create and share unique works, connect people, and help make the world a better place.

‘ArtworkHeroes aim to be the first place that pops up in your mind when you think about buying an affordable artwork online, you should aim for the stars, right?’ says Marius Sowka, Founder of ArtworkHeroes

ArtworkHeroes believe that great art can come from everywhere and anyone, that everyone should be able to enjoy world-class artwork and express themselves creatively. Its about building a community around art, artists, and greater needs.

‘For the artist, ArtworkHeroes is a great place to get feedback and to share your talent with the whole world. For people interested in buying art, we present a curated art platform, where one is not being hit in the face by thousands of different offers to choose from and is assured not to acquire just another IKEA art clone,’ explains Marius Sowka.

ArtworkHeroes have received very pleasing feedback from its stakeholders and was just accepted into the LaunchPad Denmark Young Talents accelerator program, aimed towards the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.