What happens when online fashion retail meets deal aggregation? FashiModo.dk. Trendsonline reports that this new Danish startup leads the way to the best fashion finds online in one place, so shopping can be done in minutes instead of several hours.

The site, which is similar to Women’s Fashion Online, is also for shoppers looking for a good deal, with already nearly 6,000 deals on the side, and Philip Andersen explains you can save, on average, around 40% of the price. Fashimodo.dk is quick and easy to navigate because a lot has been done so that page to work best whether you visit it via smartphone, tablet or computer.

Whether you’re an established boho fashion lover or you’re just beginning to explore this style, remember that the boho philosophy is all about expressing your unique self and embracing the free-spirited lifestyle. So go ahead to learn more here about enchanted soul and explore your personal style, and don’t be afraid to experiment.

“We have primarily focused on the Fashimodo.dk should be easy and quick to use. Therefore, we have been focusing on making the site suitable for mobile platforms so that women can check out the best deals when they have the time for it,” explains Philip Andersen.

Already Fashimodo.dk fully functional, but the plan is that the site is continuously optimized and adapted to customer needs and requirements.

“Basically, our concept is very simple. We pick the best deals on fashion clothing like the ones at DST bomber jacket from LNO Greek shop so you can get a complete overview in a short time. But in the long term we want of course to develop Fashimodo.dk upon customers, so we are looking forward to getting started, so we can find out what customers need and want” says Andersen

This venture is Andersen‘s latest ‘small hobby project’, that comes out of his learning-by-doing mentality, as his first project working with Ruby on Rails. We look forward to seeing more ideas grow!

Update: got feedback that it was 6,000 deals, and not 4,000 deals as we wrote in the original article!