Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE ) has been moved from its floor at Howitzvej 60 to two whole floors in Porcelænshaven, writes CBS Observer. The new premises provide CBS ‘ entrepreneurial ecosystem more air.

On Sunday 1 September CSE said goodbye to the premises where students have worked on their entrepreneurial dreams over the past 5 years. In the new location, the more experienced entrepreneurs have moved into the first floor, while the ‘greener’ ones sit upstairs.

According to CSE’s Managing Director, Karina Rothoff,

Bringing together the experienced CSE students and budding entrepreneurs … will eventually provide more robust companies. The new premises will open simultaneously up to us to intensify our cooperation with business and to invite more mentors and advisors to support young entrepreneurs. –CSE‘s Managing Director, Karina Rothoff

The new premises are a godsend, and the desire to become an entrepreneur among students growing. In CSE, there are now over 70 companies (with entrepreneurs from more than twenty different nationalities), and that number expected to hit 100 by Christmas. Among the companies, about 50 percent of those are enrolled in the “Proof of Business” – the last step in the CSE ladder.

I think it’s so rewarding that all businesses have been collected on Porcelænshaven . You can eat lunch with like-minded, meet interesting people and through sparring ideas, gather inspiration for your own project, says Rasmus Himmelstrup, co-founder of Studyspot.

It is not only CSE and the associated student companies adjusting to new surroundings. Among Porcelænshaven new residents are also well known student organizations such as Stardust, Oikos and GatetoCreate, all of which participate in the community.

The extra space that we have gained through the move, is really needed. It is also much easier to socialize and collaboration across organizations. says Nikolay Ivanov, President of Oikos Copenhagen.

Although the surroundings are different, in Porcelænshaven the dishes still slowly pile up, coffee runs out and the printers causes problems.

But in terms of activities, the good things also happen – CSE will still hold ‘Open Wednesday ‘ every Wednesday from 13-17, so go along to learn more about CSE or maybe pitch an idea. Another old favourite, the monthly Friday bar at CSE, returns on 13 September. CSE holds regular workshops and lectures, for anyone with a good idea, who wants to be involved in a start-up or just to hear about entrepreneurship.

Image from CBS Observer