Malmö-based startup Brandox is a fresh internal company of the communications agency Odd One Out. Brandox operates within SaaS marketing tech and has recently launched their platform.

The startup was founded in late 2017 after a marketer and his team repeatedly faced the same issue.

“Clients sometimes struggled to organize and share files for marketing materials in a smart way,” says co-founder and CEO Martin Olsson, “After some research we realized most of the brand asset management systems available were created by and for IT teams. They don’t work as well for marketers like us.”

The platfrom’s features include unique brand asset sharing and storage for marketing and communications professionals. Additionally, incorporating detailed user feedback and behaviour analysis into the portal’s development has been one of the core missions, according to co-founder and CTO Kristoffer Klintberg. As a result, user experience and functionality improves dramatically.

“Our users have been a crucial part of this process and that will continue as we move forward,” says Klintberg, “These updates highlight our focus on creating a more positive experience for marketers and eliminating the frustrations of brand management. It’s all about brand management made easy.”

Brandox focuses on small and medium businesses that cannot afford the resources to operate expensive and complicated digital asset management systems. The startup has a growing customer base in southern Sweden (e.g. Min Doktor), and is expanding globally throughout 2019.