Realm, an open-source database geared for mobile applications, has announced they have been acquired by MongoDB.

We have previously reported on Realm raising there Series B from Khosla Ventures, and on them reaching 1 billion users already a couple of years back. Now it has been announced they have been acquired by MongoDB, reportedly for € 35 million. Considering they had raised a lot of money before, this might not be the best exit for everyone involved. But this is a deal that makes a lot of sense from a technical perspective.

Realm was founded by former developers at Nokia in Copenhagen, which was focused on mobile optimization for phones. They discovered that if you applied similar storage optimization techniques to the back then modern smart-phones, you could make data fit into much less memory, making data access much faster, and removing the need for users to ever see a loading spinner indicator. This core innovation is the foundation of their database technology, and it has helped Realm build a successful company serving the needs of mobile developers.

“Since the early days of Realm, our goal has been to provide better solutions for building modern, mobile-first applications.” says David Ratner, CEO

Currently over 350 customers of varying sizes perform data synchronization between mobile devices and the Cloud via Realm Platform across all regions of the globe.

“We’ve been extremely happy and proud of the growth to date. Realm’s database is used by over 100,000 developers, at companies ranging from small-to-medium to the Fortune 1000.”

Being a part of MongoDB is seen as a great next step for reaching even further.

“MongoDB and Realm are fully committed to investing in the Realm Database and the future of data synchronization, and taking both to the next phase of their evolution. We believe that MongoDB will help accelerate Realm’s product roadmap, go-to-market execution, and support our customers’ use cases at a whole new level of global operational scale.”

The aim is that the combination of MongoDB and Realm will establish the modern standard for mobile application development and data synchronization. Something that is fitting for a new generation of connected applications and services.

“MongoDB and Realm share a common goal and vision of providing the best possible solution for developers to work with data and accelerate innovation. We believe this announcement is a big step to accelerate the vision of Realm and support our community and customers at a new scale.”

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