DNA-testing too expensive for you? Want to know your gene makeup but can’t afford it? Well there is a new startup in town that provides that service with a much lower cost! AthGene, a Copenhagen based startup is disrupting the DNA-testing industry with its launch of the world’s first private genetics testing solution based on cutting edge science.

AthGene is a gene analysis for people who care about their fitness and well-being. The company provides users, e.g. fitness enthusiasts, with access to information about their unique sensitivity to salt, fat, carbohydrates etc., thus allowing them to tailor their nutrition plans in accordance with their bodies specific requirements. They also inform users which category of endurance based activities and training their bodies are best designed for.

“What we do is provide the users with an individual genetic insight into your body’s preferences. This includes what you should eat, how to work-out etc. Basically we help our users get the most out of their daily lives” says Yusufa Sey, founder of AthGene.

Less than 10 years ago, DNA-tests would cost millions of euros to do. Today the price has dropped dramatically, and this development has enabled AthGene to offer users their very own DNA-test supported by an interpretation of the genetics data.

The startup’s business model is subscription based. As a user you pay €30 (249 DKK) as a monthly fee and each month you unlock new information about how to meet your body’s preferences in the best possible way. AthGene currently employs 17 people from 10 different countries. The team’s international diversity is crucial for the company’s future success.

“We’re not just a team of skilled gene scientists and avid technologist, but also a business with a global background. This enables us to understand our users across the globe and hopefully help each one of them unlock their full potential” says Yusufa Sey.

With much success AthGene has raised €2.5 million (approximately 18.6 million DKK) in angel funding and is doubling turnover each quarter. Currently AthGene is in the market to do another round of fundraising.