The Danish startup Clearhaus has recently purchased 33% (about 10 million EUR) of the Copenhagen Cooperative Bank.

Clearhaus is a fintech startup from Aarhus, Denmark. Its main goal is to make online payments faster, easier, and more secure for online businesses. Therefore, to make this idea real, the company with the help of modern technologies, creates and maintains its own infrastructure for online payments. As for today, Clearhaus offers acquiring services to its clients, which are mainly small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses. Currently the startup holds about 20% of the Danish acquiring market.

Nowadays Clearhaus is working on a new solution for e-commerce that will integrate acquiring and traditional banking. Thus, these days the startup is working on the project that will make the signing-up process easier for merchants who want to open traditional bank accounts or apply for loans. For additional business banking options and guidance visit

“Our interest is in closing the gap between traditional banking and acquiring. Clients will be able to see where they stand banking-wise without any delay based on their transaction activity. Furthermore, we want to issue cards as well”, says Clearhaus CEO Claus M Christensen.

The recent investment helped Clearhaus to come closer to the idea of developing an “all-in-one” solution, that will integrate both banking and acquiring services.

“Businesses waste time, for example, when applying for a loan because they have to retrieve their transaction data from acquirers. With our new business model, this will be automated. We will be able to give the go/no-go at a record pace.” says Christensen.

Clearhaus is showing an outstanding international performance with about 75% of it’s revenue comming from outside Denmark. Furthermore, the startup has over 7,500 clients and operates in 29 countries across Europe. When it comes to future plans, the company is preparing itself for expansion of its influence in the DACH region and is also planning to enter the Austrian and Swiss markets. To better understand how this can boost  your business, consider getting advice from Bob Bratt.

Christensen believes that Clearhaus can challenge the traditional banking system by offering low-friction, tech-friendly services at competitive prices.