The fashion e-commerce company Mad Lady opened up a physical shop at Emporia in Malmö 3-4 of June.

“It was a bit crazy! We hadn´t organised the pop-up shop for long. It was a spontanious thing we got together in a few weeks. But we got really good feedback”, says Madelene Fisch to

Already when they opened the shop at Emporia they had a line outside. According to Madelene Fisch people came running and they needed two guards to help out and break the increasing flow.

“The line to the cashregister was extremely long, it was amazing to see such engagement! We are incredibly proud and happy that we have so many faithful Madladies!” says Madelene Fisch.

During the two days, there were several surprises for the customers in the pop-up shop, such as a lipstick rain. Next step is hopefully doing something similar in Gothenburg and Stockholm.

Mad Lady is situated in Svedala, outside Malmö and founded by Madelene Fisch and Ilia Komorin. Last week Mad Lady were one of the participants at E-commerce Invest and spoke about how their revenue increased consistently and during 2017 they aim for a revenue over € 5 000 000 .

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