“Værftet” in Køge is a rebuilt the old boatyard, to the south of Copenhagen.
It has all modern facilities, such as highspeed internet, ergonomic furnitures, 2 nice meeting rooms and a conference hall, a videostudio and a lovely view over Køge Stream.

From DKK 1.050/month – DKK 2.400/month.

Værftet has 3 meeting rooms:

– Salen (event room): which holds up to 50 people.
– Messen: which holds up to 20 people.
– Lasten: which holds up to 12 people.

Salen is where they did built the old ships on the yard. Messen is the original lunch room for the workers, and Lasten is where they mounted smaller boatparts and had some heavy maschinery.

You can read more here: https://vaerftet.biz