Expertmaker is a Malmo-based company that works with artificial intelligence since 2006. Among company’s customers are Vodafone and Ebay itself, that has been Expertmaker’s partner company since 2010.

The detais of the deal are not disclosed. But as a result of it, Ebay will take over Expertmaker’s employees and the founder and CEO Lars Hård will become a part of Ebay’s data science team, reports DiDigital.

“Expertmaker’s technology, expertise and skilled engineers will play an important role in helping Ebay to get a head start when it comes to structured data,” says Amit Menipaz, vice president and head of Ebay’s unit for structured data.

“We are excited to be part of Ebay and be able to take our innovative artificial intelligence, machine learning and large-scale optimization techniques to Ebay’s unit of structured data,” says Lars Hard, CEO and founder of Expertmaker.

During the financial year 2014-2015 Expertmaker had sales of SEK 13.6 and made a loss of 1.8 million.