A new type of gaming startup has emerged. MarbleCards, founded by Johan Unger, co-founder of Strossle, and Mattias Tyrberg, founder of Saplo that was later acquired by Strossle. The game, that transforms URLs on the internet into collectible cards, has already been tested by 300 players in a beta version.

A block-chain based game is a new phenomenon, building on crypto currencies. MarbleCards employ Ethereum, based on the ERC721 standard. Thus every URL can be transformed into cards only once, which makes cards unique. The idea is that the cards should act as a kind of crypto currency, so called “non-fungible tokens”, by switching, buying or selling on different platforms.

A big difference from regular crypto currencies is that the playing cards are unique, and cannot be divided or replaced.

The goal of MarbleCards is for users to create cards from any URL on the internet. However available websites are limited during this launching period. These websites include Medium, OpenSea and KnowYourMeme. Now they are tested by players recruited through Discord. Since the launch in January 2019, the average user spends approximately SEK 350 per month.

“Unfortunately, I cannot say exactly when the game should be rolled out in its entirety. We have received very positive feedback from the players who tested it, but we want to do some updates and be sure that each new customer generates many new customers before we go out wide,” says Mattias Tyrberg to Rapidus.

The company behind the cryptogame is called Marblechain and is based in Helsingborg.