Aggregate Media invests € 500k (5M SEK) in FörmedlarBil, reports 8till5. The Malmö-based company, which acts as online intermediary between car owners and dealers, also prepares to launch a new service soon.

“We see that we can help car dealers become more digital and help them transform their stock more rapidly by combining online sales with traditional car sales,” says Jetnor Shatri, founder and CEO of FörmedlarBil.

The company launched in mid-2014 as an internet-based platform for car owners interested in selling their vehicles. Through fö, car owners can advertise their cars and compare, at no cost, bids from registered car dealers.

In this way, according to this review, the seller can get a good price for their car without having to personally visit every car dealer in the area. In addition to the partnership with Aggregate Media, FörmedlarBil will soon launch a new service for people interested in buying new or used cars.

“Buying a car can be time consuming and difficult for the consumer. We want to stand on the buyer’s side and ensure that everyone can make a good car deal,” says Shatri about their soon-to-launch service.

In this new service, the car dealers compete for you as a potential customer and a personal broker from FörmedlarBil negotiates further the price with the dealers. A financial and insurance plan to acquire the car is then given to the interested buyer. Shatri pointed out that the dealers are positive about the service as he expects to mediate 2 500 deals during 2016.

“It is possible to negotiate with the car dealers, you just have to know how to negotiate and we are experts at that.” — Jetnor Shatri.

In addition to this investment, FörmedlarBil will get an additional € 100k (1M SEK) from Almilån. The company, which consists of four people today, expects to hire between six to ten car brokers per year in the following years. The goal is to launch the service internationally in 2018 or 2019 focusing on emerging markets.