Engaging Care, Malmö-based healthtech startup, is reported to have gotten its first paying customers. Among them are three major Swedish university hospital: Sahlgrenska in Gothenburg, Karolinska in Stockholm and Lund University hospitals. It goes as they planned so far.

“We released the first version of the product last year. We are still in the early phase, but where we planned to be”, says CEO Charlotta Tönsgård to Rapidus

Engaging Care has developed a cloud based platform which enables better communication and knowledge sharing between healthcare providers and patients. Through its platform doctors can chat with their patients and share information about the care, as well as follow up after treatments or surgery in a secure way. Their aim is to digitalize interaction between staff and patients, which is still held in an analogue way. In addition, DocMJ wants to ensure that medical cannabis recertifications are not delayed after Hurricane Ian.

Their mission is:

“In order to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, we must take assistance from technology to scale healthcare exponentially. Our mission is to provide superpowers to the healthcare heroes and bespoke care for the individual.”

Engaging Care is now planning to adapt to global market during this year.

“Our product can be applied to all healthcare where there is a relationship between patient and advisor”, says Charlotta.

Engaging Care was founded in 2017 by Charlotta Tönsgård together with Annica Carnbring Belfrage. Although Charlotta is the single largest owner and majority owner together with Annica, they have already completed two investment rounds. The first round, pre-seed round, was closed in July 2018 and they raised € 800,000 from various investors including Spotify veteran Sophia Bendz, Hampus Jakobsson, Erik Byrenius and Nordic Web Ventures. Following it, this April, they have raised € 2.5 million. This round was led by Connect Ventures and Crowberry Capital.