Moneyflow, a Copenhagen based company, recently raised € 250 million from a Belgian neo-bank and partner Aion Bank. The funds will be utilized to expand its platform.

Aion Bank would receive a third of Moneyflow’s revenues in exchange for the money, which would aid in the growth of small and mediums sized enterprises in the Nordics and as well as growth in Europe

“The capital from Aion Bank is the largest amount that has been made available in Scandinavia at one time for a company of our nature. We believe in a future where it is easy to get paid – in advance, early or just as agreed. Thus, we put the control in the hands of the recipient and not the payer.”

says Kim Ulf Rehfeld Thodén, CEO and co-founder of Moneyflow, to Børsen Pro Finans. 

Established in 2018, the platform offers a simple financial solution that eliminates the waiting time. To solve any payment delays that small and medium sized enterprises face, as soon as the invoices are sent out, the payments are made immediately. Moneyflow’s platform provides invoice funding and revenue funding by leveraging cutting-edge technology and data. The company is also, FSA-approved.

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