This is part of our bimonthly column from Foo Café.

Straight from a busy February we continue in full stride with March. Check what’s on!

Whether you’re trying to get your idea accepted in your team or hook that new customer – it’s an art. The art of selling. In the session “Konsten att sälja” on March 5 you will learn some of the principles that successful sales people use. This event will be held in Swedish.

Have you ever found yourself trying to create that web site and “just” get that business application running on the web? Instead you found it to be full of bad code and bit counting. The session “Better tool – better code” on March 10 presents a faster way to get your business from data to a web site in a robust way.

In the Agile Manager’s Corner on 12 March we’ll listen to some big corporate experiences in how to go from a single agile team to a full agile organization. Sounds painful? Maybe. Come share the experience.

FuckedUp again? Absolutely. Come and listen on 12 March to failures that lead to deeper insights. Hurry up. This event tends to fill up quickly.

ØSCG, Øresund Software Craftmanship Group, is “Tackling Legacy Code“. Take any programmer and they will tell you that any code older than 6 months – including their own – is legacy. Even to themselves…  Come and learn how to survive on 12 March. Busy evening.

As a programmer I would joke about “bit rot” when an application that had been left alone would suddenly fail for no apparent reason. But what can you do? Come to “Practical TDD – mechanics and intent”  and hear and practice test-driven development. TDD has saved my code on several occasions. This event takes place on March 16.

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See you soon!
Björn and the Foo Team