This is part of the regular updates from the event space FooCafé.

Here’s the last news from Foo Café Spring 2018. At the end of June we’re taking a short break, start prepping for Autumn/Winter 18/19, and then we’ll be back in August with more exciting tech events for you.

In September our first theme week is taking place – a full week of ML/AI talks at Foo Café. If you’re interested in participating at the ML/AI week, please contact Johan Guttman.
If you haven’t zooooomed out yet – this is what’s left in June at Foo Café: 

Wednesday, June 13
Please say hi to the new user group Laravel Skåne who are having the first meet up in Malmö with Laravel 1 & 101.

Wednesday, June 13
Are you interested in becoming a mentor at our HackYourFuture or CoderDojo classes. Learn more at the Multi Mentor Meeting.

Thursday, June 14
Are you ready to apply your data science and machine learning skills to read world challenges? Join Hands On Data Science and their meeting Getting started with R.

Tuesday, June 19
Designing well-behaving custom UI for iOS. Join CocoaHeads Malmö.

Tuesday, June 19
Java Forum Malmø are meeting up on how to bridge Database and Stream using Java10.

Wednesday, June 20
Join ConTest for a talk on “hardcore learning” – how to learn efficiently and how to transform ideas to actions.

Wednesday, June 20
A two part presentation of GraphQL. Our partner Purple Scout will go through the basics in the first part and finish off with some live coding.

Tuesday, June 26
Modern C++ offers some powerful features for doing work in compile time instead of runtime. Malmö C++ User Group are exploring some of these features in Make the compiler sweat, chill in runtime.

Wednesday, June 27
Artificial Intelligence and Action Recognition on the agenda as is meeting up on the event Action in Mind – A Neural Network Approach.

Remember that we constantly add more and more events so keep an eye on our webpage.