This is part of the updates from Foo Café, the crazy tech event space.

We’re starting a new concept with Theme Weeks at Foo Café. Once a month we will dedicate a full week for events revolving around one single topic.

If you have any ideas on what to focus on, we’re excited to hear about that. We also want companies to get involved in the Theme Weeks to see what exciting collaborations we can create between attendees, partners and other companies.

Please contact Johan Guttman if you have any ideas to share with us!

Tuesday, May 22
Impact Unified are attending New Reality’s meet-up called How we made our first VR game.

Wednesday, May 23
After work seminar med vår partner One Agency. Hur bygger du varumärke i tech Sverige? är titeln där Per Grape berättar om sina erfarenheter från tech-branschen.

Thursday, May 24
Carl Mäsak from our partner Edument is giving an after work seminar on how he prefers to program with TypeScript rather than modern JavaScript. Sign up for TypeScript and crossing the river.

Thursday, May 24
For all the quick-minded geeks out there: a ping pong debate on AI. This joint event organised by and Critical Tech, will discuss “Yes we can!” versus “why should we?”.

Friday, May 25
Malmö C++ User Grop have a meeting on how to use C++ as a scripting language.

Monday, May 28
After work Seminar with our partner Cybercom Group. In Serverless Java, a gentle introduction will be made on how to use Serverless and FaaS.

Tuesday, May 29
Impact of Technical Bias on design is the title when our partner Verisure are having an After work seminar. On the agenda is a discussion on five frequent biases and what impact they have on design.

Tuesday, May 29
Alla kan koda, en introduktion i Scratch för vuxnamed CoderDojo.

Wednesday, May 30
The Skåne Azure User Group is meeting up with a guest speaker: Nir Mashkowski from Microsoft who will be addressing Azure Functions and Azure App Service.

Wednesday, May 30
This evening we have an after work seminar with our partner Axis Communications. Stefan Andersson will discuss the challenges of developing secure software.

Thursday, May 31
An evening with Startup Dojo – by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Friday, June 1
Top 50 startups in the region – a breakfast seminar in conjunction with the Skåne Innovation Week.

Monday, June 4
Working in a teal company, with Teal for Teal.

Monday, June 4
DevOps Skåne are meeting up on the the topic Closing the Gaps with DevOps.

Monday, June 4
Erik Meijer is doing a talk at an After work seminar called Alchemy For the Modern Computer Scientist. Meijer is a well known computer scientist who is currently working as Director of Engineering at Facebook. This event is live streamed to Foo Café in Stockholm.

Tuesday, June 5
What is Data Science and what tools are there? is the title on this first meet-up with the group Hands On Data Science.

Monday, June 11
What the difference id between Docker and VM is one of the things discussed when DevOps Skåne is meeting up in 101 Docker and Kubernetes.

Tuesday, June 12
How would you use tech to teach empathy? That’s the subject when EmpaTech is meeting up with three interesting speakers covering many aspects of empathy, education and technology. Reserve your seat today!W

Wednesday, June 13
Please say hi to the new user group Laravel Skåne who are having the first meet up in Malmö with Laravel 1 & 101.

Remember that we constantly add more and more events so keep an eye on our webpage.

See you at Foo Café!