This is part of the bi-weekly culumn from the eventspace Foo Café.

Summer is upon us. As you wind down and prepare for vacation, don’t forget to look for knowledge at Foo Café. We offer continuous personal growth for everyone with an interest in IT. Take a look:

This week at Foo Café Malmö

– Johan Linse at Netset enlightens us on the importance of a well constructed search function for your e-commerce solution, in How to build a Search Engine

– ConTest invites you to share your experiences around speedy and reliable Continuous Delivery

– Woman in tech? Or want to become one? Come visit Pink Programming on Sunday: Programmering för kvinnor i alla åldrar. Lunch included.

Later in June

June 13
Want to be a better speaker? Join Malmö Toastmasters on their bi-weekly meet-up.

June 14
– IoT Malmö deals with the afternoon sugar low, by building an Emergency Fika Button

June 15
– Product owners share experiences on prioritizing across a portfolio of products, at ProductTank Malmö: Creating one big happy product family

June 16
– JavaForum digs into tool box needed for Maven, Java EE, JavaScript, HTML5, IoT, and more: Free Open Source Tools and JavaScript

June 21
– Are we creating products for human good? The Digital UI shows the path in Ethical Design
– Teal for Teal pushes organizational evolution further by adding Purpose to the mix

June 22
– MalmöJS takes an exploratory approach to Angular2 – Google’s new web framework. As always, prepare to share.

See you soon. Cheers!

/Michael, Carina, Martin & Jacob