Last month Frankly and HOWL merged to form the new Scandinavian innovation agency Above. The merger concludes the long-standing collaboration between the two companies.

As the former hardware division of Nokia in Copenhagen, Frankly has a long history of releasing innovative and intelligent products. They became a standalone company when Nokia closed down in 2014. Since then, the Frankly has been responsible for a number of highly successful IoT Kickstarter campaigns such as SurfEars.

HOWL was founded as a design agency in 2007. Since then the studio has always maintained a holistic focus with a human-centered, beautifully simple and clean design. As Above, the company will maintain their holistic approach while including the technical expertise of Frankly.

Design and Technology

Above intend to focus on long-term partnerships, supporting clients from all over the globe. They have offices located in Stockholm, Malmö in Sweden and even one office in Shenzhen, China. Their clients range from agile start-up to some of the most well-known industry leaders. Some of their latest clients include Facebook, Sony, IKEA, and Iittala.

Together, the two companies will combine globally recognized design and cutting edge technology to stay ahead of the competition. With strategy, design, and technology, Above provide full service on each of their projects taking the development from A to Z. With a sharp IoT focus, they are devoted to breaking down the boundaries between physical and digital solutions.

Above is already deeply emerged in a number of exciting projects such as Shift IQ, Cone, FLIR, and iSettle. Shift IQ, a virtual running coach measuring how you run while giving you live feedback on your performance. The project is currently in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign with 811 backers collectively pledging over $60,000.