Skåne has never been left behind the global IoT hot.  Right Now, under the support of Vinnova, Öresundskraft is working on the building of an IoT hub in Helsingborg, an urban development project called H+. Using the connected system of sensors, data about the city like temperatures in air and water, would be collected.  Also, reports about traffic volumes, tracks of rental bikes and even the use of dishwashers would be taken into the analysis for smarter solutions for the city.

What is IoT

The Internet of Things, IoT or ” sakernas internet” in Swedish, means the digitization of things through the process of custom software development to meet the specific needs of customers. With the help of tiny embedded sensors and computers, almost everything around us from machinery, vehicles, goods and household appliances to clothing can connect to the Internet. Online business tools such as Quickbooks from Fourlane that are installed in your computers and mobile devices are also products of digitization.

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IoT in Sweden and Skåne

There are now 8 IoT hubs in Sweden financed by Vinnova, including Helsingborg and Lund.  The hub in Helsingborg will focus more on the use of IoT between buildings and energy, while Lund focus on the solutions about flows in the city that could help to improve urban planning. In addition to the two municipalities, Region Skåne also takes part in and will develop the delivery of healthcare using IoT.

“It is smart with hubs. Instead of reinventing the tools eight times, we share resources and knowledge.” Commented Magnus Gunnarsson, energy systems architect of H+, to 8till5.

The hubs become platforms for sharing, testing and evaluation of technical solutions. The idea is that the hub solutions should be spread and applied in the whole Sweden and used to compete in an international market according to the report from The idea is that what works in one city can be applied to other cities and create many ‘smart cities’.

“Then we hope that our IoT project is so good that the rest of the world wants to buy our solutions.” Said Lisa Kaati, deputy director of the program IoT Sverige, to 8till5.

What is the future of IoT

In a global view, an increasingly connected world has opened the door for enormous new services and products. 20 billion devices are expected to be connected in the world by 2020, and the total sales will reach around 235 billion US dollar worldwide as predicted by Gartner according to  Also, Ericsson estimates that there are now more IoT gadgets than mobile phones in the world.

This program is a part of Vinnova’s strategic innovation areas. The vision is that Swedish industry will be the best in the world to take advantage of IoT and Sweden will become a leader in areas such as health care.

What it means to business in Skåne

It is clear that, not only offline health care, smart buildings and self-reporting paths will have the future. IoT means more new business to consulting firm, technology firms, and other platforms for startups that develop new hardware and software.

“This is the next step and every industry is dependent on this. One can not ‘just jump over’, it is like saying that the Internet was just a fly.” says Lisa Kaati, to 8till5.