recently listed the counties in Sweden according to their number of online shops to the number of population. According to the list, Skåne has 8.17 shops per 10 000 inhabitants. It ranks second and just follows Stockholm whose index is 9.55. 

We can not deny that more shoppers, more shops and more goods sold online is the future trend. Now, we are happy to see that Skåne leads the counties in Sweden in this trend.  For many startup in e-commerce, Skåne is a great place to run their business.  Thanks to  the well-established infrastructure and its location as regional hub, it is easy to access to Swedish market and the bigger markets in Nordic countries or even the world.  Thus, it attracts a lot of entrepreneurs to start and grow their e-commerce business here. and are the two successful and noteworthy e-commerce companies that originated in Skåne. As reports, is the second largest Swedish online store while ranks the 8th in terms of yearly turnovers in the last financial year.

As more e-commerce companies clustered here, more services and resources are attracted to Skåne. Now, the environment for a e-business becomes better.  For example in Helsingborg, Sweden’s first e-commerce park the E-commerce Park of Sweden provides integrated services to the e-commerce companies including incubator programs, offices and storing. Companies can easily find solutions to the problems in their different development stages.

The Swedish market is still promising. According to a report from Postnord,  shopping online is becoming a part of everyday life in the Nordic region, and the boundaries between e-commerce and physical commerce is disappearing.   Referring to the statistic, there are 4.7 million consumers who shopped online in an average month accounting for 67% of the population which is the highest in Nordic countries. The average value they purchase is 151 euro. Both sees a increasing trend in the years of future.