HomePal develops a cloud-based system for property management and services, in cooperation with a number of real estate companies. It has now announced that Lund University’s holding company, LU Holding, has invested in it. The startup was founded by four students, and is based in the student incubator VentureLab in Lund. It will soon move to Minc in Malmö.

“We reduce the price and also cooperate with our customers in the development to get all the important functions and a system that can easily be integrated. The first version we launched was very basic, so for the customers it may have been more about getting involved and influencing the development. They act as our advisors”, says Kevin Åkesson Kimaryo, CEO, to Rapidus.

The system is both web- and mobile-based, and streamlines the management, as well as offers new services to the tenants. According to the founders, it is something that today only exists with the larger real estate companies, and therefore HomePal is aimed at small and medium-sized companies with up to 3000-4000 apartments.