An intensive and interesting autumn awaits us. Our schedule at Foo Café is filled with interesting activities and all our fantastic user groups. As you already noticed we are doing more day conferences and other larger events. We can also notice a clear trend of interest in how to please the user, there are seminars about Gamification, Digital behavior, 70M daily users, Responsive web, and much more.

Check out our extensive event list at (will also be added here on Øresund startups shortly)

Foo Café has a long term plan involving establishing in Stockholm. A first step is co-operating with Leetspeak, a one day conference that made a success last year in Malmö. But if you do not already have your ticket, you will have to wait to get more Foo Café goodies in our capital, since we are sold out!

JetBrains Day
Have you ever thought about the developers behind your IDE? They are thinking of you, at least if you are an IntelliJ user. JetBrains ends their Sweden tour with a full day in Malmö. Take the opportunity to meet the minds behind your favorite development tool, and ask them your questions. JetBrains will have their best engineers here during a full day with two tracks. And I can promise you that it will be a day full of surprises! (That is what I could say without revealing any secrets.)

James Bach will be back in October with his Rapid Software Testing course.

We will release our latest news on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And if you would like to see our events first, subscribe on our RSS-feed.

See you soon at Foo Café