Next level

Our intention is to create a meetspace for you, where you have an continuous learning opportunity within your field of interest. Our goal is to provide you with knowledge and networking possibilities, so that you can reach your next level.

This week at Foo Café

Listen to Marcus Ahnve on Wednesday lunch talking about Devops and micro-app-architecture, efficient ways of doing software development.
What business value does your application bring? Do you understand the business you are supporting with your application? Listen and discuss with Jens Johansson and Therese Bülow on Wednesday evening.
As a programmer, you have probably heard about Clean Code – Join the latest user group in Malmö on Thursday evening (Öresund Software Craftsmanship)
We also do our regular meetings with CoderDojo andToastmasters this week.

Next week

Monday evening, there is an interesting presentation by the authors Per Frykman and Karin Sandin about “Your professional rumor will determine your future“. You better take control, and the first step is this seminar.
Cocoa developers have their monthly meetup on Tuesday, October 15. Get to know new features in iOS 7.
Continue app-development knowledge focusing on apps for Healthcare — loads of regulations to know about — this is important if you are working on it or planning to work within this field.
We are ending next week with Social Media Club monthly meetup on the subject “Facebook Ads” – how to do it right.

Pirate party
In the end of this month Amelia Andersdotter (Member of the European Parliament for the Swedish Pirate Party) will come to Foo Café and do a talk about Personal data protection and exemption including Information Security.

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See you soon at Foo Café