This is a semi-weekly column by Michael Tiberg

We are focusing on giving you a constant competence boost here at Foo Café. Before midsummer we have reached a total of 200 events since we started. The topics has been diverse as have the professions of our attendee. Everybody that has an interest of IT will find something interesting at Foo Café.

iOS Developers
You will certainly get your curiosity covered regarding of the news in iOS 7 at our extensive coverage of WWDC. It starts with the WWDC Keynote at breakfast on June 11th. June 12th and 13th we will combine an interesting WWDC tech talk video with breakfast. The week will end with a full day, together with fellow iOS developers, where we help each other to dig into the news in iOS 7. This will get you a running start on making the apps for the future.

Our actions defines what we are
Our schedule has various topics, you will always find something that will extend your knowledge. Our events are also a great place for networking. We are constantly working on the creation of an atmosphere where everybody matters, no matter of age, gender or ethnicity. Everybody has something to share and we are able to learn from anyone we meet, that’s what Foo Café is.
Foo Café is the perfect meetspace for everyone that would like to try the life outside the box. Somebody said “Life begins where your comfort zone ends”. If you haven’t tried that, go to a seminar at Foo Café on a topic that is outside your profession.

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See you at Foo Café!
Michael Tiberg