Yesterday Mojn announced they had closed a series A round, raising in total $4 million (€ 3 million). Mojn, founded by Thomas Dahl Jensen and Carsten Hyldahl under the name RealTime Targeting, is a software-as-a-service company with the overall goal to create a convenient retargeting solution in the market. Their focus is on e-commerce costumers and they provide retargeting solutions to both big and small online businesses. Some of the larger ones are: Apollo, SmartKids, Momondo and Hifi-Klubben.

“Our journey started in 2009 just as the financial crisis took off. So what do you do when you have a fantastic idea and no money? In our case the help came from Inger Rosenkilde (owner of IMR Holding) who supplied USD 3 million in seed capital during a period of 5 years. Inger is an emotionally engaged investor whose beliefs, ethics and moral code inform her investment decisions – and this felt appropriate since Mojn is a company with a lot of heart.” says Thomas Jensen, co-founder.

This new round was led by Northzone as well as Notion Capital and Zoar Invest.

“Notion Capital and NorthZone are now on board and we can complete our UK expansion and become a noticeable threat to the range of incumbents with antiquated tech and market models. Our first product, Performance Email Targeting, is delivering unparalleled results for our clients but there’s a lot more to come.” Thomas continues.

“Northzone is excited to be leading this investment and to be supporting Mojn and its impressive team as they set out to define email retargeting. We see strong potential for Mojn to become the global category winner of performance email targeting.” said Gregers Kronborg of Northzone.

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