Mosenso ApS, an innovation leader that provides mHealth solutions, has announced the development of a smartphone app that enables health care providers and family caregivers access to patient information. The app is a triple-loop solution that will support the treatment of 1000 patients suffering from schizophrenia.

“We are approaching treatment in a way that has never been done before. There are currently a few mHealth solutions that offer a double-loop treatment modal for patients and care providers. However, Monsenso will be the first company ever to develop and implement an mHealth platform that involves patients, care providers and family caregivers in the treatment of mental illness,” – says CEO Thomas Lethenborg

The main triple-loop function starts when the patients are encouraged by their care providers to download the Monsenso smartphone app that will allow them to invite their care providers and family caregivers to access their data. The smartphone app will be used to fill in routine self-assessments that reveal their current state of mind, and to collect sensor data. It can also be used as a self-management tool that allows patients to manage their symptoms and the behaviors that trigger those symptoms.

Once invited by the patient, a family caregiver will be able to access the patient’s aggregated data and fill in the routine assessments evaluating the patient’s state of mind. Patient information and relevant data will be accessed through a web portal which makes it convenient for all interested parties.

“The caregiver module, currently under development, will be ready to be rolled out in Q3 2016, and will initially be used for two years,” – says Thomas Lethenborg

Monsenso ApS has been successfully helping mental patients with its mHealth solutions. They have developed solutions for patients suffering from depression, obesity, diabetes etc. and have also received various funding for their success and contribution. The company aims to move forward and provide a better lifestyle for patients suffering from mental illness.