Earlier this month No More Woof was announced as a IndieGoGo project. The idea is simple – use modern EEG sensors to read the emotions from the dogs brain, and translate that to something which can be communicated thru speakers!

‘Among the patterns we have found are “I’m Tired”, “I’m excited” and possibly “I’m Hungry” and the clearly intense brain activity when a dog sees a new face, that we translate into: “Who ARE you?”.’ they state.

The idea, initiated by enthusiasts, started as a short video. It quickly got a lot of attention, and the IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign, since the start on the 16th of December, is currently at 150% of the funding requested. And there still are 49 days to go!

Managed to get a lot of attention around the world

No More Woof has already been featured by a large selection of media – Engadget, Businessweek, TechBeat and many more. The concept of finally being able to understand ‘mans best friends’ better seems to resonate with many.

Even if the initiators emphasize that they are not doing any new technology, rather just combining existing technology in a cool and novel way, this is by no means to a small feat.

The product is not fully developed yet, but a video showing a prototype in action has been announced by the creators.

Behind No More Woof is Malmö based Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery. They have previously been involved in interesting projects and concepts such as the iRock, Cocoon 1 and Nebula 12 – an indoor cloud. Also, Studio Total, world-famous PR agency from Malmö, mostly known for the Teddybears over Belarus protest, is involved in part.