There seems to be a dog theme going strong right now

FashiModo recently announced are relaunching their service, under the brand Stylebark. Stylebark has been in beta for a while, and now it has been opened to the public.

The concept is still similar, but the style is different and definitely more edgy. The business-idea is to enable users to find fashion deals easily. It is sorted using an intelligent sorting system that recommends the best offers, based on different parameters such as discount size and popularity.

“Stylebark is best described as a huge online outlet, possibly Denmark or even Europe’s largest, where you’ll find tens- of thousands of fashion offers at 20-90% discount. We search through all the big online fashion stores – Asos, Zalando, Bubbleroom, SmartGirl/SmartGuy, Nelly, Ellos and Boozt – and find only the items that are on sale and make them easy to browse and sort through.” says Ulrik Groth-Andersen, co-founder.

“Unlike price comparison sites, price agents and other alternative concepts we focus only on the deals, the user experience and our cocky brand.”

Releasing the new site now was timed in part for the January sales season. A time when bargains are at an all time high.

What were the reasons behind a re-branding?

“There were a number of reasons. We didn’t feel like FashiModo worked with men’s wear, and we didn’t have the .com domain, which was silly since we want to go international soon. We also felt Stylebark opened up for a lot of fun branding opportunities, that integrated well in our UI (the male and female dog) and marketing communications. It gave associations to bargains (barks) and therefore might seem more explanatory than before.” Ulrik explains.

“Also, it just represented a more holistic brand, that fits better with our goals of being for both men and women, expanding to other countries and expanding with new features that we have planned for the future.”

What is the main difference between Stylebark and FashiModo?

“For the customer right now, the main difference is a better user experience and design and a few more filtering options. Behind the scenes we build a more robust platform and a UI that’s better suited for new features and overall a more fun brand.”

The team behind Stylebark consists of Ulrik, responsible for the design, and Philip Andersen, developer. The startup is bootstrapped, and the aim is to get more traction before looking into funding.