Leikr, a Copenhagen based tech firm, set out a 250.000 USD funding goal on Kickstarter which they have successfully raised on the 1st of February. Traditionally startups use kickstarter to raise funding. However Christiano Cairo, from Leikr, reports to Trendsonline that Kickstarter has been beneficial to get publicity and media attention as well and shows that Kickstarter can also be used as a great marketing channel besides raising funds.

“We saw three options by using Kickstarter, the first was to scale, the other was to test if our product was ready for the global market and the third was to increase brand awareness for Leikr” says Christiano to Trendsonline

Leikr manufactures cutting edge GPS sport watches with carefully designed features. With the additional funding the team should now be ready to move into production and according to their project plan they hope to deliver the product in June.