After the kick-off with #cphftw and in an effort to make it easier for entrepreneurs to meet and share knowledge, a mission was started: to list and choose different cafés where entrepreneurs usually are present. Be it that they have informal business meetings there, that they like to work from them or that they are the place to be for an afternoon coffee break from the office.

The list has now been completed by volunteers from the community. It consists of the spots most favored by entrepreneurs, one in each area. The idea behind this is to create knowledge about what places are frequented by entrepreneurs, to make them even better spontaneous meeting spaces for other entrepreneurs. Also it is limited to the most popular in each area, even though there are many more places – these are the prime ones. By establishing these even further, we hope that more spontaneous meeting can occur.

The café map

The café list





We have also heard rumors that Silicon drinkabout will focus more on places on this list, as to promote them even stronger in the startup scene.


Republikken, one of the most central cafés on the list (and also a cool co-working space), announced they would give a discount to anyone who says ’the magic words’ (#cphftw) when ordering. If more of the places will follow suit is unknown, but we know that there are people working on that!

No matter what, we hope that when having a meeting or just wanting to change work environment, that the places above provide nice spots to do so, where you besides an nice environment and good coffee also can meet other entrepreneurs and startups people.

If you use foursquare, there is a list available here. Otherwise the map above is from Google, which can be found here.