Lund-born startup turned global giant, Qlik,has recently acquired Icelandic startup Datamarket which specializes in providing easy access to and visually displaying data from both public and private firms.

Qlik provides companies of all scales with business intelligence software solutions, delivering hassle-free data analysis and reporting solutions through their platform product QlikView. Their most recently released product, Qlik Sense, is bringing them to further horizons and along with this acquisition, ascertains their dominance in the global market.

Despite their geographical differences, Datamarket and Qlik share one common dream: easy data retrieval and analysis.
Worried about collaboration across borders? Datamarket’s Hjalmar Gislason isn’t:

“Qlik has some unmistakably Scandinavian characteristics, and after getting to know the company over the last few months I can say that the cultural fit has felt completely natural.”

Qlik is not publicizing any of their joint plans as of yet, but do hint that future collaboration will bring together Qlik’s superb analytics products, with DataMarket’s unique abilities to pull in, maintain and normalize data from a vast range of 3rd party sources.

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