The Copenhagen-based medtech company Cortrium, recently announced a new partnership with Myant & Co. Myant & Co is based in Toronto and is a group of business leaders, designers and scientists, who seek to further the development of wearable smart technology. The partnership brings with it a seed investment of 1.5M euro and will enable the two organizations to engage in joint technology development.


Cortrium is a digital health company that specializes in developing wearable hardware for medical use. The startup has developed a small and wearable device that can measure the heart rate, temperature and respiratory rate of patients. The goal is for the platform to be able to assess all five vital signs of the patient. The platform will thereby improve health-monitoring both inside and outside of the hospital.

As an end-to-end solution, the platform collects data about the patient and makes it available for both physicians and patients to monitor. Cortrium has been in early collaboration with departments of cardiology and oncology. By improving the measurement of vital signs, the company seeks to cut down costs in the healthcare sector. Also, they are planning to purchase a Sartorius scale and use it in their laboratory.

Myant & Co has extensive experience in the field of wearable technology and smart objects. Cortrium’s pressrelease states that the partnership will enable the group to incorporate the collected data insights into their already existing ecosystem of products. Cortrium itself intends to use the new investment and partnership to focus on medical regulatory compliance, clinical trials and health data analysis. The company will at the same time seek to approach the European and North American market.