A new thing is born in Copenhagen today. The Silicon Valley organization Startup Grind opens a chapter in Copenhagen with the first event scheduled for October 24, and first guest: Thomas Madsen-Mygdal.

Is this yet another silo you wonder? The answer is no. The guys behind Startup Grind Copenhagen, Michael Reibel Boesen and Sebastian Schwemer are pair of well known profiles in the Copenhagen and Øresund Startup eco-system, with them being involved and / or having started: Silicon Vikings, Silicon Drinkabouts, Lean startup Circle and AppGarage. Having Startup Grind Copenhagen being backed by these guys makes us very confident it will be a great event series.

“Startup Grind Copenhagen plays a key role in putting Copenhagen on the map of big startup cities. We want to show the world that we got the best and brightest entrepreneurs in the Copenhagen region.” says Michael Reibel Boesen, Co-director of Startup Grind Copenhagen.

Startup Grind Copenhagen: Get your dose of inspiration here!

When Startup Grind lands in Copenhagen it comes with a well established organization behind it with 50 chapters in 50 cities in 20 countries around the world – and it only have one purpose: Deliver inspiration via interviews with top entrepreneurs to the local communities – even to people that don’t participate in their events!

How is this possible? Each event is recorded using high quality video equipment and uploaded to startupgrind.com and startupgrind.dk (the local site). If you go to startupgrind.com you’ll see the result: 1000s of hours of video interviews with the top entrepreneurs of the world showcasing each cities best.

The Startup Grind setup is different from other startup organizations by the fact that the Startup Grind HQ makes sure that the quality of the events is equal around the world. This means that each event will e.g. feature free beer and snacks / food.

Obviously, for the people who join the events as live audience the focus is on two things: Networking and the interview. Which is why each event start out with 1 hour of networking, drinks and food before the actual event starts. Then one of the will interview the speaker for about an hour including Q&A from the audience. Finally, the event is finished with more networking.

“The only thing that we’re concerned about launching Startup Grind Copenhagen is the fact that we’re taking a small ticket price for people to join. We don’t have a lot of paid startup events in Copenhagen. However, we’re convinced that people will realize the value these interviews bring to community and hopefully will understand why we do it this way once they see the results! But so far the reception has been very good.” says Sebastian Schwemer, Co-director of Startup Grind Copenhagen.

But the guys are being modest: you do need tickets for the event, but this is truly an event for the startup scene and the startups, so the prices at 50 or 75 dkk should not keep anyone who wants to attend from attending… So get yours now, before it is too late!

Food and drinks for the Startup Grind Copenhagen events are graciously sponsored by Northcap – a premiere VC firm in Copenhagen.

The first event takes place on October 24 from 18:00 and will feature the famous entrepreneur and angel investor, Thomas Madsen-Mygdal and it is held at Northcap’s premises on Nørre Farimagsgade.

If you want to join, here’s a bunch of links that will help you:
Ticket: at eventbrite
Date: 24th of October, 18:00
Where: Northcap Partners, Norre Farimagsgade 13, 1. th, 1364 Copenhagen K
Meetup group: at meetup.com
Website to register for information about future events: official website
Fanpage: on facebook

Judging from how popular Startup Grind has become in Stockholm, and from the guys organizing it here in Copenhagen, we truly believe this will be one of the most important recurring events in the regions in the future.