Danish startup Wantr‘s co-founder Toke Grøfte is leaving the company in search of a new project, reports Trendsonline.

“I look back at the last year and a half with pride and joy. We’ve had investment of 3 million, coverage in the biggest international tech media, strong growth in users and also a recent viral campaign ‘Master of Trendspotting’ created in collaboration with Trendsales“, says Toke Grøfte to Trendsonline.dk

While having multiple co-founders is normal for a startup, people will have different opinions and views on strategy and daily operations. It is logical that individuals are enthusiastic about their own opinions and attitudes, but this can also be corrosive of a startup if you continue to disagree. It can be difficult to opt out of something that feels like your baby on a Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller and your project, but at some point you have to make the decision and draw a line in the sand.

“I totally agree with Toke, it has been an uneventful decision. However, we have not always been in full agreement about what direction we were going in and that is why we have agreed that it should stop here” says Wantr’s other co-founder Stefan Bech.

Toke Grøfte will not reveal what will happen next for him as an entrepreneur, but before he comes across the right project he will work with other young entrepreneurs and work freelance on various projects.

“We got so much help from the Danish community and the help we got is totally insane. My journey with Wantr ends here, but I really look forward to new adventures. And now I want to give back, and I can share my experience. So if there is someone who will drink a cup of coffee then I’d really like to give back to those individual startups and the startup environment generally.” concludes Toke Grøfte.