Sepior, a startup focusing on safe cloud data storage, announced an investment from SEED Capital and DTU Symbion Innovation. SEED capital was last quarters the most active VC in the region, and the one that invested the most during that time period. A trend it looks like they are continuing.

Sepior is developing technology that offers to protect storage on services like Dropbox and Google Drive against hacking. They have developed a unique solution for companies wanting to protect cloud data. Their approach is a cloud-based solution that uses strong encryption and does not rely on trust in any third party; neither does it require any special hardware or software.

“In 5 years, I think we will look back on the use of cloud services today as the Wild West. The sending of highly confidential corporate data unprotected out to various cloud providers will be totally unacceptable. By then encrypt cloud data will be standard for all companies of a certain size,” says Nicolaj Højer Nielsen to

Nicolaj Højer Nielsen is the CEO and co-founder of Sepior. Nicolaj is serial entrepreneur and is the co-founder of the Danish IT security startup CodeSealer, which has developed a solution that protects among other online banks against hacking. CodeSealer has recently received venture funding from VF Venture and has a number of Nordic banks as customers.

The amount invested is in the millions DKK (most likely six digits euro sum) according to Trendsonline.