PinMeTo, a Malmö-based company that creates marketing tools for tourist industry, has begun its expansion journey reports the official business site of Skåne. The service includes social widget with best traveling recommendations and analytics for checking the most visited places and tracking travelers’ experience.

The idea of widget appeared at the Meet’n’Hack event back in June. Daniel Melkersson, CEO of PinMeTo, explains:

“Many tourist organizations often have a lot of data from social media, but they do not know what to do with all the information. So we began to explore how we could help them. On the other side, travelers often want to know where “the locals” hang out to avoid all the tourist traps. And by using our service you can see where your friends have been to.”

One of the ways how the widget works is showing places that have the most check-ins on Facebook for instance.

“By combining website information with an opportunity to see where people are moving and what they visit to get the best of both worlds. We are building a new layer that gives life to the sites,” says Daniel Melkersson.

Product development took place in business incubator MINC. PinMeTo’s first client is Region Skåne but there is much more to anticipate in the future. The company has been commissioned by the Tourism Authority of Thailand and in late October PinMeTo is invited to Web Summit in Dublin to pitch their ideas.

Right now PinMeTo is working on redesigning the widget and integrating such services as Foursquare and Instagram. Daniel Melkersson believes that the service has a perfect timing and potential to quickly scale up internationally:

“We are probably very far because we have not seen anyone else doing it. We see that similar solutions are exploding around around us but none does it with our type of business model and mindset. We build solutions for those who already have a comprehensive list of information.”