SEED Capital, Denmark’s the largest early stage venture fund has recently made 3 pre-seed investments in Copenhagen startups. SEED focuses on tech and medical companies from Denmark and south Sweden. Read their information about these investments in Sporterpiliot, MYTRND and NociTech. And here is a quick outline of who they are:

MYTRND is a Copenhagen-based team combines fashion and technology, with a platform to assemble collections and present them for fashion houses, designers, retailers, wholesalers and professional fashion buyers to follow, compare and compile collections from sources across the globe.

SporterPilot is interactive sports media solution, for delivering broadcast TV content across any device, within seconds of the real-time play. The company is based in Copenhagen, and has two international offices. The SporterPilot technology creates opportunities for enhanced interaction with stats and data, letting sports viewers follow leagues, teams and players simultaneously.

NociTech ApS med-tech, incorporated in 2013, has developed a pain test platform to quantify pain sensitivity in patients and profile new analgesic compounds under development. NoviTech’s advanced technology enables researchers and clinicians to clearly understand, prevent, diagnose and treat pain, by differentiating where the pain is associated with within the nervous system.

A diverse mix – we’ll be watching how each of them go!