After three intensive months of long days and nights of hard work, the first Startupbootcamp Mobile accelerator program has been held at the Rainmaking Loft. This was the 5th batch of the accelerator program to be held in Copenhagen. To finish it all off, the Investor Demo Day was held at a historical music hall in the city center.

Startupbootcamp Mobile’s accelerator program focuses on scaling mobile technologies and solution-based startups. In the 2015 batch, 6 strong startups were selected to be part of the accelerator program from all over the world. In addition, 3 more startups joined as part of a partnership with the South Korean Government, where KISED selected them.

“This year we have been extremely selective, choosing only 6 teams of more than 300 applications. We have looked for strong teams with a natural “Mobile First” solution and potential of becoming a platform rather than an app. I am very proud of the teams’ progress and look forward to the real growth that will follow after Demo Day… this is only the beginning,” says Lars Buch, MD at Startupbootcamp Mobile.

Startupbootcamp Mobile teams from 2015

Founders – Alexandru Cebotari, Sergey Basmanov & Vladimir Oboroc
Country – Moldova and Russia
Does – VoIP service for frequent travelers. Provides cheap calls whilst retaining the user’s own number with any sim. They currently have 13 000 registered users. They are looking for a € 350 000 investment, of which they already have 50 000 committed.

Founders – Runar Karlsson & Kari Thor Runarsson
Country – Iceland
Does – Mobile identity verification and reputation solution for peer-to-peer platforms.
They have already achieved getting € 50 000 committed from Icelandic bank, the founder and CEO Kari is currently in Las Vegas to pitch at the invite only conference CTIA Startup Lab which takes place during Super Mobility 2015.

Founders – Rasmus L. Christensen, Agge Kempff-Andersen & Thomas Ringling
Country – Denmark
Does – Macellum provides a simple overview of auction prices of fish, by using already existing and mandatory log data. With a team-member that has a PhD in statistics they use the models to accurately predict fish auction prices for the next day.

Red Tulip Systems
Founders – Josh Petras & Rob Sutter
Country – USA/Netherlands
Does – Cloud based virtual mobile solutions that increase security and privacy for businesses and government clients. They recently signed partnership with Intel and IBM.

Founders – Aditya Prakash & Rajdeep Sethi
Country – India
Does – A casual gaming platform which follows the “Skill & Drill” approach to help kids aged 6-11 years practice mental math using fun casual games. Their current product, Milkhunt, has achieved 24 000 downloads and is growing at 40% Month on Month with no paid marketing. They also have a high retention rate – 41% on day 30.

Founders – Bojan Pavic & Davor Pavic
Country – Croatia
Does – Throw any content into the air and easily make it available to others nearby. They were recently covered by Mashable.

Founders – Jason An, Dorian Kim & Jangwoo Son
Country – Korea
Does – A voice-based dating app that connects people nearby and lets them engage in vocal messaging with one another. They have 20 000 downloads in South Korea, and have currently 6 000 voice clips created and played each day.

Founders – Asif Ali & David Seo
Country – Korea
Does – EduParti aims to build a productive crowdsourcing community. Their first product focuses upon educational field. Currently getting content publishers and teachers in Denmark onboard.

Dailylife LAB
Founder – Seungbin Jeong
Country – Korea
Does – A design company that catches the movements and phenomena of nature to bring comfort to people to their daily life. Has sold over 10 000 pieces in 12 countries.

Startupbootcamp evolving

An impressive lineup for the Accelerator, which has come a long way since the start in 2010. How the future looks is still unknown, but according to rumours Startupbootcamp in Copenhagen is currently seeking funding for a new vertical focusing on Maritime solutions under the banner “Blue World” and expect to be able to share more light on this initiative by end of 2015.

Also new for this batch was the collaboration with the South Korean government. These startup did get not give up any equity to participate, as KISED payed for it, as a support to get them to scale globally faster.

As always Startupbootcamp will be open with how it goes for their startups, and publish numbers on their process.