Graduateland, Europe’s largest career network for students and graduates, has last month announced a big change: co-founder and CCO Patrick Lund replaces Jens Reimer Olsen in the role of CEO of the Graduateland. Jens Reimer Olsen will instead focus on the launch of their new service: is a platform that helps users to a deeper understanding for their job and career sites. It is a data-driven recruitment platform for marketing and analytics. Its goal is to enable recruiters to reduce time to hire and the cost per hire, using predictive analytics to make smarter recruitment marketing decisions.

The launch of has gotten a great start. But in order for to succeed it will require a lot of focus. Therefore the two co-founders decided jointly to entrust the role of CEO of Graduateland to Patrick Lund.

And according to Jens Reimer Olesen timing could not be better.

“Graduate Land has never been stronger; we have a great team in Copenhagen and Stockholm. We are seeing large influx of people and businesses and is healthy based financial, “says Jens Reimer Olesen to Trendsonline.

With over 350,000 users using Graduateland they are ready to make their mark as the best in their field.

“We have very sound position in our core markets, and we have to consolidate our role as a ‘category king’. In addition, we have recently focused very much on the distribution of our portals, so that we really get off the ground.” says Patrick

You can read more over at Trendsonline about the change.