UC3 Nautilus is the world’s biggest amateur built submarine, and Copenhagen Suborbitals are aiming to raise 50K USD through their crowdsource funding campaign to pay for sandblasting, paint and upgrades – to get her back in the water!

Copenhagen Suborbitals was founded in founded in 2008 by Kristian von Bengtson and Peter Madsen. While not technically a startup, the Suborbital’s demonstrate what can be done when with a vision, passion and contagious enthusiasm. Their main mission is, as the name suggests, suborbital space endeavour, or private manned space flight. They are proving space flight can happen, on private rockets and spacecrafts, outside government-controlled activities, working towards manned space flight on a micro size spacecraft.

Their projects are based on open source and non-profit principles in order to inspire as many people as possible, drawing together relevant partners and expertise. The UC3 Nautilus is a diesel-electric submarine, built by Peter Madsen and Claus Nørregård, and named after Jules Verne’s fictional vessel, the UC3 Nautilus made her maiden voyage in May 2008.

All donations towards the UC3 Nautilus earn you the Suborbital’s respect and gratitude, and for a bigger contribution, you can get in return tours of the sub, merchandise and one-on-ones with Peter Madsen and Claus Nørregård. If you want to see the Nautilus back in the water next summer, get her operational with the upgrades refurbishment she needs for more underwater adventures, check them out on Facebook and get on to indiegogo and pledge your support.