Just a few days ago Copenhagen Suborbitals have moved into a new 750 sqm facility which marks a start of a new era, shares Kristian von Bengtson in WIRED. The facility is located across the street from HAB (pictures). Having enough space now, Copenhagen Suborbitals hope to provide their followers with even more exciting adventures and results. The old place will be kept for large structures like ship-hulls and service towers.

“I am not sure about the mechanisms in place here – but there seem to be magic in the air and a lot of people supporting our work. Our decisions to expand, buy new machinery, vessels or just making moves seems to be “approved” and donations are coming in,” says Kristian von Bengtson

The deal for the new place that included December rent, 3 months deposit and interior fitting from the previous owner amounted to about 26,000 euro. Social media and phone calls were of great help for rising the money as well as private sponsors to whom Copenhagen Suborbitals are very grateful to.

“There will be some sort of an open-house event for all, likely on the other side of December – but no dates has been decided yet. Also, I hope to have a special surprise for you all during that event. Once again – Thank you so much for supporting us!” says Kristian von Bengtson.

Copenhagen Suborbitals are still working on the name for the new facility and would be happy to hear some interesting suggestions. So share if you have any. We hope that the new facility will help Copenhagen Suborbitals to achieve even more mind-blowing results. Good luck!